Comprehensive Primary Care

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*Includes Doctor’s visits and select diagnostic tests. No health insurance needed.

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1Why choose our Affordable Medical Clinic in Houston?

Personalized Care:

Tailored to your needs
Our physicians take the time to listen to you and deliver personalized care that is tailored to your needs. Our No Hassle Health Plan members receive  individualized prevention and treatment plans  and get direct access to their physicians including a mobile number for urgent medical issues. Read more

Affordable Prices:

Truly affordable
With our No Hassle Health Plan we provide comprehensive primary care for one low monthly price. We also offer some of the lowest rates in Houston for lab testing and diagnostic imaging. We have affordable rates for individuals, families and businesses. View Pricing

Modern Medicine:

Old fashioned values
Our highly qualified physicians have trained and taught at leading academic centers, keep abreast of the latest research and practice cutting edge medicine to keep you healthy. The one thing we are still old fashioned about though is in building a lasting relationship and truly caring.

2 Our No Hassle Health Plan

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  1. Comprehensive annual wellness exam
  2. Up to 24 doctor visits in a year for:
    • Sick visits
    • Chronic conditions
    • Preventive care
    • Occupational medicine
  3. Basic labs included with lab add-on package one annual health screen
  4. In office EKG and spirometry
  5. Specially negotiated discounted rates on labs and imaging
  6. After hours email or phone contact with MD from 8am to 8pm daily
  7. Access to our extensive referral network
  8. Online medical records and online appointment booking


3 Is the  No Hassle Health Plan  right for you?

Here is a sample scenario for medical evaluation of one clinical condition that includes just one lab test , an EKG and a follow up visit. You can see right away that the savings are substantial even for a small episode of care. Add in the free annual preventive screening and our medication savings tool and membership practically pays for itself within a few months.

Cant wait to sign up?

We require an in person visit to enroll in the No hassle Health plan. Call us at 281-318-1565, email us at or book online to schedule your first visit and enroll in our No Hassle Health Plan.

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Sample Comparison Scenario

Houston Health Clinic Scenario on How a Patient saves money and now pays $49.99 a month